• Thu. Sep 28th, 2023

Perfect day with my son

I had a great day with my son today. I don’t know exactly why it was so great except for the fact that we just spent the whole day playing and stuff.

My best friend and her son came over for a while. I think that may be what made the day so perfect. They boys played and we talked. It was great. Then another friend called and we stopped by her house for a bit. She is building her house, and it’s slow work, but it is going to be a great home. When I say she is building her home, I mean, her and her husband are actually building it from the ground up themselves. I am very impressed. It is not something my husband and I would do, but they are happy and pleased, and they will always be able to say that they built their home themselves. What a great satisfaction that will be to say to their children and grandchildren.

Anyway, we played, we practiced words… He just woke up from a bad dream, but then, he missed his nap today, and he fell into a hard sleep right after he went to bed. He seems to always wake up crying after falling into a hard, deep sleep. I wonder what that means…

Blessed Be!


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