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Pre-deployment Activities

May 21, 2007

I took my son to the Deployment classes. (They did some GREAT stuff, started letters, started scrap book, made a video, took pictures and talked a LOT! :)

I went to the regular deployment classes with my ex’s fiance.

Gaylene, is the FRG leader. She roped me into doing the newsletter. She roped My ex’s fiancé into being a Youth Liason. (Okay, we were both willing, she just strongly encouraged us.. LOL)

No prob, right?

First, she took my ex’s fiancé and I and introduced us to the Major.

“Major S. this is Kris Bethea. She’s interested in doing the Newsletter. She has a journalism background. This is the LTs fiancé, She has 6 kids.” Yeah. two plus two equaled 4 and he just kinda got a really weird look on his face. About that time my ex notices so he wanders on over. “Hello sir, I see you met Em and my fiancé.” And then the weird look got kinda weirder. And my ex’s like “Don’t worry sir, they are friends. There won’t be any problems!” So I give my ex’s fiancé a hug.. LOL And with a dazed look, the Major says he will appoint us to our positions to make it official and thanks for volunteering.

I did ask and my ex did say he was teased later, but nothing bad… honestly, I think my ex kinda enjoyed it.. LOL

But how’s that for weird..

Part II.

(Yeah, a new one.)

There is a regional lady (and my ex’s former commanding officer’s wife) who Tracy has been whining to for years.

And continues to whine.

Well, Sunday, she did her presentation. (She does have a lot of responsibilities.. )

During the presentation, one of the child care people came in and said, “We need Dessa’s Mom” and my ex’s fiancé got up. Meanwhile (I didn’t hear it but my ex’s fiancé did… ) The officer’s wife said “Dessa’s mother isn’t here, but her father is there in the back”. Ouch. My ex’s fiancé said she felt so horrible because she had already gotten up. Jeez. She is doing what she is supposed to do. Care for this child as if she were her own… and since Tracy wasn’t there, she was “step mom” of sorts.. (Dessa had pooped her pants btw. She was fine.. LOL)

Then, the Major did a spiel. During his spiel, he had my ex’s fiancé and I stand up (and the other volunteers as well). My ex’s fiancé and I are sitting in the front row. The officer’s wife is just to our left. She now knows who we are.. I didn’t look at her face, but I’m sure it was quite a funny look.

Later, The officer’s wife was passing out stuff and My son’s stuff had pretty much wound down, so he had come back in and was sitting on my lap. (Being VERY good, btw.. I was so proud of him). And The officer’s wife stopped in front of him and said “Hi K, you probably don’t remember me, but we did that military camp a couple years ago.” of course my son didn’t say anything, but I did. I said “Oh YES! I’d heard about that! He had such fun there! He talked about it for weeks!” :) *grin* She didn’t respond to me and walked off.

A HUGE part of me hopes she called Tracy and told her everything.. but Tracy didn’t say anything to my ex, so I’m guessing not. Oh well.

I can’t wait until Thursday (court) is over…. The divorce just needs to be finalized so my ex doesn’t need to worry about it once he deploys


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