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“Protection for Empaths” – Psychic Access Talk Radio

Mar 23, 2014 #empath

Don’t miss this week’s show, anchored by Carmen Miro, themed “Protection for Empaths” with special guest Kris Bethea, Empath, IT Professional and mother.


Kris Bethea is a natural born Empath.  Often times she thought she was different or that something was wrong with her. She always was able to identify and recognize another person’s feelings, even wordlessly, even from afar. As a kid and a teenager, she would tell people. “I know something is wrong – you don’t have to tell me what it is, and you don’t have to lie to me about it.” The terminology was new to her in 2011 but she always knew she had this gift, the ability to sense other people’s emotions. Being an Empath made it tough to be a teacher, so eventually she started a new career as a computer programmer. She is now comfortable in her own skin, and she wants to share and support the people to recognize empathic intuition as a gift, not a curse. She wants to share her ideas with other people to teach them how using various techniques, to control her responses. She has mastered the art of shielding. She helps fellow Empaths in the Empath Support Group on Facebook understand how shielding works, and how to protect oneself in the digital world, with a firm emphasis being placed on banning any people from her group that display violent or torturous truths via imagery to avoid further traumatizing a peaceful community. She believes the world should still be a sacred and beautiful space to focus on peace and compassion, and she believes strongly in erecting boundaries to maintain safety and security in her networks and her teachings.

In this interview, Kris Bethea will be discussing her techniques on protection for Empaths. Empaths are highly sensitive people that can feel another person’s emotions. They can be telepathic, yet an intuitive Empath usually feels, and does not ‘hear’ emotions and they can have other intuitive gifts as well, but usually this is all about absorbing and interpreting emotional states. These emotions can be good emotions like love and joy, and ones that feel bad, like anger and depression.

Kris always felt she had this gift since she was a child, yet was unable to express it until she came across the modern term was was used for it and and she recognized it. As an Empath she could anticipate a person’s emotional state and perhaps then also, decide whether this person would be of benefit to her or not. To her, this was not a way of judging people, though one can – yet to Kris, her most difficult work has been to reject the people that disrupt her and other person’s place of peace on her web page. Kris runs a large, 5000 strong Empath Support Group on Facebook, and has plenty of experience with mentoring others and will talk about the strength it takes to ban people that are negative or violent and the tricks and techniques used to get through the stress Empaths feel when hurting others. For her though, her greatest asset has been able to sense when people love each other and when love is needed and this is done via the love and research support she offers for person’s interested in Intuitive Empathy.

For this event, we will be discussing with Kris, currently happily employed as a coder, how she copes with overbearing and intensive energies that may or may not seem negative. She will be discussing protection and grounding. Protection can embody many different forms, and Kris will be discussing all the favorite techniques garnered from her years as a moderator on her impressive Internet Support Group. As a deeply feeling individual, she had to learn to put up shielding techniques, no matter how much she cared about people.

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