• Fri. Apr 12th, 2024

Quest dreams to save the world

Over the weekend, I dreamt (again) about a “quest” that I was on. This time I was with a kid (teen? young adult?) and I was explaining it to him.
“We gotta do this quest exactly to save the world. I need to get back to my place to get the “diamond” key to stop the world from ending.
This is the 3rd time I’ve (dreamt) had to do this and this time I’m on the wrong side of town. I know this doesn’t seem real to you, but it is very real and not just something out of a book. Please help me.”
Then, we started running to get where I needed to be, but we really were on the wrong side of town and I could see the tsunami water(s) coming. We ran thru a trailer park and yelled at everyone to get out and run.
Then we were on a bridge that was falling apart. We moved back and forth to cross it but many parts of the bridge were missing.
We got about half way and then I woke up.
Interestingly, this stuck in my mind all day, so the following night, I knew I had to be prepared. I had a sense of urgency all day long to finish this quest when I could finally go to sleep.
I slept deeply Saturday night, and although I don’t remember dreaming, I awoke with a sense of contentment and completion.


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