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Ready for spring… I love hanging baskets of flowers…

Apr 5, 2007
Your Own Hanging Garden-Create a front-porch “wonder” with this beautiful hanging basket.
The Hanging Gardens of Babylon were considered one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. So it’s no surprise that many home gardeners use vines, cascading flowers and hanging baskets to create their own hanging gardens. This simple and stunning method is an easy way to add beauty to your porch or balcony.
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Start this hanging basket indoors, and then move it outside when the weather gets warmer. The plants chosen for this project should work in most climates, but ask at your local gardening store what would work best in your area.

For whichever plants you use, plant your basket with two green vines for every flowering plant. This is a simple way to ensure that your basket has plenty of depth, texture and color.

Hanging Basket Container Garden in the Air

To create this hanging basket, use a wire basket and sphagnum moss, which will allow you to plant right into the side of the basket. Doing so allows more plants to get sunlight, and creates a basket that’s completely covered in greens and flowers.

Another unique aspect is that it hangs at eye level, not above your head. That way, you can appreciate the plants blooming out the top of the basket as much as the ones hanging below. It also makes watering your hanging basket much easier.

This hanging basket mixes intriguing vines, like green and white vinca and the chartreuse potato, with beautiful flowers that come in many colors and shapes.


Sphagnum moss
Wire hanging basket
Potting soil
Vinca vine
Potato vine
Craft knife
Chain and hook


  1. Line the bottom of the wire basket with the sphagnum moss. Then line that layer of moss with a layer of newspaper to hold the potting soil.
  2. Fill the basket 3/4 full with potting soil. By the time everything is planted, the soil will reach to the top of the basket.
  3. Place the basket on a raised work surface, like an overturned flower pot, so you can work around the sides.
  4. Use your knife to cut small slits through the moss and the newspaper large enough to fit the root balls of the oregano and impatiens through to plant them in the soil. Go all the way around the basket, cutting slits two to three inches apart. Plant two oreganos for each impatien.
  5. Plant the petunias, vinca vine and potato vine in the soil on top of the basket around the edge.
  6. Plant the geraniums in the middle of the basket.
  7. When the weather is warm enough, hang your basket from your porch or balcony ceiling with a piece of chain long enough to put it at eye level.

Plant your hanging basket now, and it will be in full bloom by mid-summer. It will add plenty of color and cheer to your porch or balcony.


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