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Scapegoat and Poetic Justice…

Aug 15, 2006

Well, if things continue the way they are, I can see this company using me as a scapegoat… but, sadly, that won’t solve the problems that are cropping up. *sigh*

On a positive note:
Well, maybe not positive, but interesting and justice being served:

My old job…
My annoying co-worker quit a couple months ago (I may have mentioned this in a previous entry). — But it was expected.
My cool co-worker quit (I believe quit) but I don’t know why.. 2-3 weeks ago.
The Project Manager who caused me so much grief, quit about a month ago.
And finally,
Friday, the newest co-worker (before I left) that was cool and really smart, gave his two weeks, and was promptly escorted out by a pissed off VP that same day.
His co-workers (co-horts?) were instantly fired.

There is no one left in the IT / Programming department at my old job!!

Now THAT is pretty damn cool!!
That VP prally pissed the lot of them off… he was the one who has been causing problems since he became VP. Hmmm… another case of power going to one’s head!!!


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