• Thu. Sep 28th, 2023

Sci-Fi Fridays now on Sunday?

Battlestar Galactica was great..
and ya know? I really enjoyed the Dresden Files.
I’m looking forward to next weeks!!!

Cept I really hate it on Sunday night…

Heroes is on tonight.. hopefully I won’t forget.. it’s gotten good to, when I started watching it and realized it wasn’t a spin off of superman…

I’m ready for LOST.

My son’s ready for the new Doctor Who season.. LOL
sadly, we won’t get it stateside till sometime this summer..

If I had money (and didn’t get a speeding ticket AGAIN last week) I prally would have bought season two..

Which reminds me, I gotta bug Toke so I can get my Season 1 back.. My boy’s been wanting to watch it lately.

It’s been so wonderful having my son living with me!!! :)
Things are good. Financially tight, but good..



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