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seriously, wtf fleas!

Oct 15, 2015


Please remember that if this animal is contacting you, it will often be the best resource for teaching you what its lessons are. What I write is only intended to be a guide, it is not absolute, nor is it infallible.

– If flea has come into your life as a guide (usually through biting us!) we are reminded to look after ourselves and our environment, and to practice vigilance. If we are lazy about how we look after ourselves, we can get physically, emotionally and spiritually harmed. We can even become seriously ill. Make sure you look after your environment and your body.

– Flea represents vampirism (emotional, physical, other). Flea suggests that we might be taking the energy from others – particularly those close to us – without even realising it. This vampirism is a sign of dependence upon others that can become unhealthy. We may also be preyed upon for energy, because we give our energy away too easily. Flea represents the dependent vampire, who will take from those he cares about most.

– Flea indicates a need for darkness and can represent the people who have an aversion to light. If flea has come into your life, it might be time to retreat into shelter, and take stock of your life. Fleas are highly sensitive to their environment, and you might find yourself overwhelmed by too much environmental stimuli. Quiet, dark places will heal you during the time that flea is around.

– Flea represents a time of accumulative damage. Flea bites are small, but the more we get, the more our health and immune system struggles. This accumulative damage can happen in other aspects of our life, small problems that never get sorted out add up until they become overwhelming. Look at each small problem in your life, and address them thoroughly to prevent a situation that feels uncontrollable.

– Fleas are adept at running away from their problems. It might be time for you to actually get away from a dangerous situation, if confrontation is no longer helping. Sometimes walking away is the healthiest thing we can do.

– Flea represents metamorphosis and rebirthing. When flea comes into our life, particularly in our dreams and visualisations, it is be time to turn over a new leaf and change our lifestyle. It is time to embrace change.

– When flea comes into our lives, it is time to assess whether we are hurting the ones we love, by either pulling on too many of their resources, using them emotionally, materially or spiritually, or if we’re literally just taking away too much of their energy through never listening to them or giving them a chance to recharge.

– Finally flea represents blood wisdom. All aspects of blood, ancestry, knowledge, energy, wisdom etc. are part of the flea’s domain. Indeed the domain of any animal that requires blood to survive. If you wish to understand blood memories, blood secrets and how to connect to your ancestry, a connection with flea may aid you.



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