• Thu. Sep 28th, 2023

Six month old son and changes

My goddess, where has time gone?

My newborn baby keeps me hoppin’ at all hours… hmmm he is over six months old already. Wow! :)

But, now, I am back!
Well, mostly. I’m back in the good ole US of A. Back in the land of twentyfour hour grocery stores and Wal-Mart!

BUT, after moving, and finally getting a home, and unpacking the computer, and getting back online, I still have one LARGE problem!
I’ve lost my book of shadows!!! I mean, okay, so there are a few boxes (depends on your definition of few – I like making it seem like only a few are left) to go through, but I found all my books, etc.
BUT, no sign of my BOS. What am I going to do? My rituals and spells are in there, and I’m just lost without them. It’s gotta be somewhere. I doubt the moving people would steal that! (Plus, I have a protective spell on it… and most Wiccan’s would know better than to use someone’s BOS without permission… *sigh* It MUST be in one of those last boxes… It just HAS to be!!

Anyway, I’m trying to join a group of people in Pagan Speak, so that will be my motivation to keep this journal up better. I think I need to find new names to save these files as. I’m going to start doubling up soon, and that could be bad. Hmmm… I need to put the year in somehow… I will have to ponder this

AND, hopefully I will find my BOS soon. I think I need to find a search and find spell….

Well, my son is starting to wake up. Tiz time to start my day.

Blessed Be!


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