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Jul 5, 2007

Sometimes I forget how good I really do have things.

Yeah.. I got some shit right now.. the dj shit and money issues.. but..
I spent the eve on the phone with two women I love dearly. They are both going through different types of hell… worse than I’ve ever had.

If I had the money, I could probably help one or even both of them out… but I don’t have the money… and that would only help a little…

Choices.. choices is part of their problems.. Choices.. life… history.. past.. future…

Both are in situations I have never really been in.. but then, I would have never allowed myself to get into their situations… *sad sigh* I love them both dearly… but there is nothing I can do for them, except listen.. agree.. and tell them I love them and am there for them in any way I possibly can be.

And those are just two women. There are two more women who are also having various difficulties..

And ya know? All 4 of them.. their issues are based on men. All their problems stem directly or indirectly from men in their lives.

Yeah.. 2 of them are having health problems… but I think a lot of the health problems are from stress.. and guess where that stress is coming from? MEN!!!

And there is a 5th lady. Yet another in a situation that I would never have allowed myself to be in. She has her hands full… she made some bad choices.. why? Because of a man!!!

Sometimes I just gotta remember, no matter how bad things are with dj and not having a soul mate.. I don’t have to deal with the BS. dj KNOWS if he screws up much more, he’s gone sooner than the End Of Summer deadline… my week with him is almost over.. and he saved me 200 dollars in child care by helping out and caring for my son. My son isn’t the worse for wear for it and it hasn’t been too intolerable. Don’t get me wrong.. it’s had it’s moments.. but.. LOL He leaves for his picnic Saturday morning and then I don’t have to see him again for over a week!!! :) Now that’s awesome!!

And the guy from Jeff City … well, let’s just say that sometimes his similarities scare me… but it’s exciting in a way too. I’m kinda glad he is far away, so we won’t be able to move quickly, but at the same time.. I wouldn’t mind seeing more of him.. LOL

So.. my life in a nutshell, is GREAT compared to the hell of others…
I’m paying my bills.. slowly but surely.. I don’t think I’ve screwed anything up with those yet… and dj is going to slowly withdraw from my life… to be gone by the end of summer. Life is good.

My son is where he belongs. My ex and I are friends again (although he is training for his deployment to Iraq and I probably won’t see him again for over a year). I have good friends (who prally lean on me too much, but that’s what friends are for. I love them.. and they would do the same for me… right?)

So… I’ll continue on… working, paying bills, enjoying my son, enjoying my home.

And Doctor Who is back on Tomorrow night!!! *grin*

Yeah. Life is good.


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