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Stop blaming the devices

Mar 7, 2018

Today I saw yet another article about how devices are blamed for the demise of our youth.
Here is what I commented on the FB Share:

Except.. once again..
We are blaming tools for failure to properly raise children.
It’s not games, phones, TV, that is bringing about their demise, it is the parents who don’t have time for their children, parents who do not understand their children, parents who “remember when” but do not live in the now.

It’s not the phone’s fault.

Because, you know what?
If that “teen” is controlled and helicopter parented until college.
Guess what happens in college?!??!

Seriously, our children need to figure out their limitation, but they need their parents as a support foundation.

When we were kids, it was music and TV that they blamed.

If there is something wrong with a person, taking away the devices is not going to help.

In fact, it could even make it worse..

Just my opinion..


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