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Summer Solstice.. in the sixties

Jun 22, 2021

What a beautiful day!! I cannot believe that it was 69 degrees on June 21.

I had a great day.

Summer Solstice morning, I explored the new trail that is behind FaeLei. The one created by a neighbor that I discovered when I caught him biking through the back part of FaeLei. We gave him permission to continue using the trail and in return, we can now hike his trail too! (although he mostly bikes and rides horses, it’s an amazing trail).

Along the trail is a gorgeous tree but the whole trail is absolutely magical. We need to name it, even though it isn’t ours…

The, the afternoon was spent reading culminating with a delicious dinner, shepherds pie, that I made for the first time. After dinner, I wandered and cleared up some of our pathways and also switched out the trail cams.

Sumer Solstice Fire
Finally, this evening, I started a fire in the fire pit, the first fire of 2021. It was a cleansing fire, clearing away all the stuff from before and starting fresh. I also used it as a moment of farewell to hubby’s Dad, who died in April. I discovered that the location of the firepit aligns perfectly with the Solstice sun. Totally my own magical Stonehenge. I drummed for a while too. That was also nice.

A golden eagle flew overhead. I am certain it was hubby’s Dad.

Finally a cleansing shower and now I’m spending the rest of the evening just relaxing.

What a perfect Solstice Day.


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