Thorik wrote a beautiful/magnificent letter to Aphrodite.
And Aphrodite slaps back saying she doesn’t believe Thorik wrote it!!


It was a beautiful, heartfelt, heart pouring letter and Aphrodite cannot accept that her ex-husband could write such a thing. She controlled him for so long, she cannot seem to realize that he is now standing on his own two feet and standing up for himself!!… read more


With Corkyy, she was twisting everything I said, misinterpretting me after I explained something several times and most of all, making up lies! I’ve been watching her from the sidelines since I got back to MO and my open eyes began to see what you told me for several years; “she’s playing you”.

I finally go to the point where I will no longer be played, used, manipulated.… read more

How do I un-invite Aphrodite from Thorik and my handfasting?

Thorik says he will take care of it, but.. I still worry that she’ll try to show up. We’ve discussed it and neither of us want her negative energies any where near our ceremony.

I don’t want someone who can so blatently lie to me, expect her daughter to lie to me and Thorik, and still “plan on coming to the handfasting” because even though she is pissed at Thorik and “never dealing with Em again” she is still Thorik’s friend.… read more