Things are much much better. On Tuesday afternoon, I got called in for an interview for Wednesday morning. After talking to some friends online, I decided a nice, relaxing bath was in order. (Thanks Colin).
I decided to go all out.

I gathered incense, candles, poured some amoretto (didn’t have any wine in the house), my atheme, and my Book of Shadows.… read more

Well, I STILL haven’t heard back about the job. Since it is taking this long, my guess is that I didn’t get it… :(

Beltaine came and went. I don’t have my missing BOS as an excuse anymore. Honestly, tho, I don’t have a ritual that I am comfortable with yet for Beltaine. Maybe that is what I need to do, search the web for a Beltaine ritual…

My son is sick still.… read more

Okay, I’m cheating a little this month.
I’m finding some great things on the web, and I’m wanting to share them by adding them to my diary.

I love this Rune. It is beautiful, and it truly helps me get through some torturous days…

~ A Daily Rune ~
by Meg Wittenmyer, Sagewoman Winter 1993

I call upon the strengths and
wisdom which lies within,
gifts of the Mother to her Daughter,
to lead me toward a greater understanding.
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