Quick history.. well..
I’ll try to make it quick. I tend to like to write. :) <3



I was adopted 5 days after I was born. My adoptive parents were Ron and Marlene Montgomery of Ellsworth, Kansas. My dad was a pharmacist and mom was a school teacher until they got married when she quit that to try to have kids and worked with dad at the F&M Drug store in Ellsworth.… read more

2016 has been a year of hell.
This blog is going to be rambling. It’s going to go back and forth in the time line and might be confusing. But this is why I didn’t go to Heartland Pagan Festival. First one I’ve missed since we didn’t have the money a few years back.Together Forever

Around 1600 on 7 April 2016, my parents were in a car accident.… read more

In other news, an update I sent to some old friends of mine last weekend:

Samo Samo
My son started 4th grade..
Tons of homework and he hasn’t even had a full week yet! LOL
It’s gonna be an exciting year.

Going to a railroad festival today. Should be fun! ;)

Since I missed the Heartland Pagan Festival this year, I’m making up for it by going to the Gaea Goddess Gathering.. … read more

Jury Duty is suckin, of course. I hadn’t mentioned that yet.
Yeah, I got stuck. “Selected” for jury duty. It’s gonna be a long boring trial. *sigh*
Too many defendants (4) with too many Lawyers (5) plus 4 for the prosecution. We are getting all sorts of objections, redirects, cross-examinations and re- redirects. yuck.
More on that AFTER. (under oath to not talk about it..… read more