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    My experience with World Hijab Day

    #IStand4Hijab #WorldHijabDay Yes, I blogged this mostly on FB, but I’m going into more detail here. One thing I want and need to share is What to do if someone is harassed or attacked for their religious beliefs / garb Hopefully I won’t experience anything like that today, but, it’s still a good thing for everyone to know what to do. I took my son to school. It was still dark then. I told him as we were driving… “If I die today, you must become an activist and stop the hate and the fear.” I made him pinky swear. “Mom, I don’t think it works that way” “Well, let’s hope…

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    Our Soul’s Journey

    A question came up on my FB page: My status stated.. KB takes chances… lots of them. Because honestly, no matter what happens, it always ends up just the way it should be. And there was some doubt, as always about what this means: I am not sure about that one Em, if it always ends up like it is suppose to, what the heck.. sometimes I wonder what I am suppose to learn from this meaningful learning experience. LOL My response was: 1st, I believe in reincarnation… that’s important in my concept of life. “Should be” The way I believe is our “soul” or “spirit” or whatever you want…

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    Addicted to Approval

    Hand in hand with my exploration into whether or not I am a people pleaser, is another aspect:  Addicted to Approvals. Yes, of this I have definitely been guilty. Sadly, it, more so than people pleasing, is still a part of my life. Don’t get me wrong. I can, will and have told my boss, “no, can’t be done” on a number of occasions, but I would always (usually) look to my co-worker to nod in agreement. That co-worker is now moving on to bigger and better projects and I will have to continue this on my own. I have less that one week to figure this out, because otherwise,…

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    Another way to look at “regret”

    “Never regret.  If it’s good, it’s wonderful.  If it’s bad, it’s experience.” -Victoria Holt, The Black Opal, 1993 Everything we do, everything we go through, has some purpose for us in our life, and in our growth.  So if we look at it this way, how could we regret anything that happens to us?  It may be terrible at the time, but sometimes it’s those really terrible times that give us the biggest spurts of growth.  We can look back and see how much we’ve changed because of the experience – and how much we’ve learned. -Lissa Coffey