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Tarot Journaling.. Oktoberfest

Sep 27, 2006

Revelers celebrate Oktoberfest in Bavaria, the land of Gemütlichkeit,
comradeship and good cheer. The autumnal fair (to be held in 2006 from
September 16 to October 1) is Germany’s best known celebration and draws
millions of visitors to the city of Munich every year for hearty food, brass
bands, and lots and lots of beer.

(Text adapted from and photograph shot on assignment for, but not published
in, “Bavaria: Mod, Medieval—and Bewitching,” March 1974, National Geographic

You can do this exercise in several ways:

1) find a card that physically looks like this one
2) draw a card and see how it works with the potd (either from your own
deck or one of the online sites)
3) think of a card that this image under the circumstance would fit….

And then finally let us know how and what you got….

(Results soon)


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