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The all important Huggles!!!

Jun 27, 2006

Maybe this is why I like hugs so much. I really do seem to have an addiction or a RDA as I like to call it. A willing, semi-sharing of energies. A touch, a hug, and I always ask new people… LOL. I haven’t been turned down yet by male or female, but then, I suppose it is possible that I pick up vibes before hand… cuz I don’t ask EVERY one… just most people. Maybe it is just I chose to be around people I can hug.

Hmm.. an example. A couple came with their son to Kevin’s birthday party. They were quiet and almost standoffish. I had no desire to hug them, but I think they are from a different world than I am. Perhaps they were shy… they certainly were quiet. The little boy is a troublemaker in school, Kevin says.. makes me wonder what kind of home life they have. I wonder if they hug in the home? They mellowed a bit as the day wore on, but they were always almost a little “goody goody” for me. My Mom said it was just my imagination, but… she’s one of the “goody goody’s” herself!!!

I have never heard of a heart hug. I think I will stick to my normal, throwing my arms around whoever in whatever way seems the most comfortable!! LOL

All I know is I love hugs and I never seem to get enough of them….


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April 26, 2006
The Energy Of An Embrace

The need to touch and be touched is established early in our lives, as we develop and grow in the omnipresent embrace of our mother’s womb. Once we are born, separated from that sanctuary of connectivity, we begin to crave the physical embrace of our parents. As we age, we become more independent. Yet during times of triumph or trouble and during those moments when we are in need of reassurance, we can’t help but long for a hug.

Because a hug requires two active participants, each individual taking part in the embrace experiences the pleasure of being embraced and the joy that comes from hugging someone. As both individuals wrap their arms around one another, their energy blends together, and they experience a tangible feeling of togetherness that lingers long after physical contact has been broken. A heart hug is when you put your left arm over someone’s shoulder and your right arm around their waist. As they do the same to you, your hearts become aligned with one another other and loving, comforting energy flows between the two of you to flood your souls with feelings of love, caring, and compassion.

A hug is a pleasurable way to share your feelings with someone who is important to you. Depending on your relationship with the other person and the kind of message you wish to send to them, a hug can communicate love, friendship, romance, congratulations, support, greeting, and any other sentiment you wish to convey. A hug communicates to others that you are there for them in a positive way. In an instant, a hug can reestablish a bond between long lost friends and comfort those in pain. The next time you hug someone, focus all of your energy into the embrace. You will create a profound connection that infuses your feelings and sentiments into a single beautiful gesture.


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