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The Bard wrote me a Doctor Who story

Apr 5, 2023

Doctor Who and the Gargoyles

The Doctor and his companion, Martha Jones, were walking through the streets of London when they came across a strange sight. There, perched on the top of a building, were a pair of gargoyles.

The Doctor had never seen anything like them before. They were made of stone, and they had large, wings that were folded against their bodies. Their eyes were red and glowing, and their mouths were snarling.

“What are they?” Martha asked.

“I don’t know,” the Doctor said. “But I’m sure they’re not supposed to be here.”

As they watched, the gargoyles suddenly sprang into action. They flew down from the building and landed in the street in front of the Doctor and Martha.

The Doctor and Martha were terrified. They backed away, but the gargoyles followed them.

“What do they want?” Martha asked.

“I don’t know,” the Doctor said. “But we need to find out.”

The Doctor and Martha ran through the streets, but the gargoyles were faster. They chased them through the city, and the Doctor knew that they wouldn’t be able to outrun them forever.

Suddenly, the Doctor had an idea. He stopped running and turned to face the gargoyles.

“Stop!” he shouted. “I know what you want.”

The gargoyles stopped and looked at the Doctor.

“You want to be free,” the Doctor said. “You want to fly away from here and never look back.”

The gargoyles nodded.

“Then I can help you,” the Doctor said. “But you have to trust me.”

The gargoyles hesitated, but then they nodded again.

The Doctor reached into his pocket and pulled out a small, white unicorn. He held it up to the gargoyles.

“This is a unicorn,” he said. “It can grant you your freedom.”

The gargoyles were amazed. They had never seen a unicorn before, and they were eager to touch it.

The Doctor held the unicorn out to the gargoyles, and they each reached out and touched it. As soon as they touched it, the gargoyles began to change. Their skin turned to a lighter color, and their wings grew larger.

The Doctor and Martha watched in amazement as the gargoyles transformed into birds. They flew away into the sky, and the Doctor and Martha knew that they would never see them again.

“Thank you,” the Doctor said to the unicorn. “You have saved us.”

The unicorn nodded and then disappeared.

The Doctor and Martha turned and walked away, and they knew that they would never forget the day they met the gargoyles.


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