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The hell that was yesterday…

Jun 10, 2006

Oh gods…
I was at work until 9:45 last night. What a way to spend a Friday night. *sigh*
I told them (the boss people) that I didn’t think I could do it, but I did. They expected me to stay (last night I would have said they made me stay at work, but I could have walked out…  I made the choice to stay, and stay I did…)

My co-worker, the one who has used the new software for a few years now (near expert, I would say, even helps the people who created the damn program) had yesterday off. I ended up calling him numerous times for help, but for the most part I did it myself.

Now, I’m not saying it is done, but a certain functionality that needed to exist was completed, and I didn’t test it fully, but they didn’t care, they wanted it done. I hate that I didn’t get to test things properly. I hate that alot. It’s going to haunt me, but apparantly, that is how they work around this place.

If things go smooth, I could prally handle this job for a while longer. Hopefully the next projects won’t be so… difficult… and maybe there will even be more of a team effort. Also, I have learned so much that maybe it won’t even be so bad.. There is still much to learn, but wow. My brain is almost exploding with new information and abilities! I love that part.

I just wish they hadn’t expected it done so quickly. A normal project should not be as rushed as this one was… but I walked in on it, after they had sat on it for nearly six months, they dropped it on me and at the time I had the confidence that I could do it. I didn’t know what was going to be involved, but I think I did well, considering I have only truly worked on it since the end of March. I learned .EDIT, I learned mySQL, I learned a LOT of javascript and I learned XML. In less than 3 months. Not bad… I guess I did take the accelerated courses from Devry, but they were still reasonable courses. This was exciting, stressful, difficult and insane, but the end is in sight (except for the Admin site… but that shouldn’t be too bad…) <-- I hope I am not jynxing myself... Well, I needed to get that out.
It was hell. I was really fucking tired. Then, after I left at 9:45, I drove to KC to visit my friend and to go to the Jazz Festival. http://www.jazzinthewoods.com/index.msp/page/Schedule
It’s so fucking hot, but storms are coming (yippee!) and it should cool off. It may even be a good evening!! :) I sure hope so!

Ah well. Wish I coulda gone to the Flinthills Pagans CoF picnic, but, as I had told them when the voting was going on, weekends just will not be good for me. I miss the Wednesday evening gatherings… *sigh*



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