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There ain’t no coming back

Jun 28, 2020

For the past month or so, I kept “hearing” the chant from The Crow “There ain’t no coming back, there ain’t no coming back” in regards to the pandemic and everything related to it.

Well, we know from the movie that he did come back, but he wasn’t the same. When this historical moment, this pandemic and everything related to it is over, the world will not be the same either.

Right now we’re in the middle of a mercury retrograde. I recommend that everyone use this time to say goodbye to the past, everything before the pandemic, because “There ain’t no coming back”. 

That reality is gone and whatever will be on the other side will never be the same as it was before.

Perhaps you have already experienced some changes yourself, the past few years.  Over a year ago, I began my transition into Kris Two Point Oh. *grin*

At the time, I didn’t realize what was happening and the whole process took a long time. Next came the healing: physically and spiritually. I’m still healing and that might go on for a long time too.

Once I realized what was happening, I opened my arms and welcomed the changes but it was scary at first and I fought it until I realized it was for the best.

These past few months, I’ve been fighting the changes that are happening in our world. Masks may or may not be forever, but they are here now. I will not be able to welcome that particular change, but I will have to change how I think. If masks do become the norm, my hubby will be doing all the physical shopping. I will order online and be able to go pick things up, but I will not be going into stores wearing a mask. I have anxiety and that will not change even if the world does.

Here we are, in the middle of a pandemic. The numbers are skewed but they will settle in a year or two and then we’ll have all the facts.

I have finally realized that whatever is the truth is not the issue here. There ain’t no going back. This has happened. There is a global pandemic. People panicked and bought toilet paper. People started wearing masks. These are facts right now.

We might grieve these changes. Schools will never be the same. Nursing homes (hopefully) will never be the same. People will never be the same. It’s possible that shopping itself will never be the same.

Viruses don’t go away. Every year there are flu vaccines. I predict that coronavirus will either become part of that vaccination set or become its own new yearly set. It will not go away. Then, of course, there will be new ones. New strains, rather, because that’s what the Covid-19 is, is a new strain of coronavirus.

But again, that’s not the point of this blog.

Now is the time for us to say goodbye to the past (and much of it, if we’re honest, is good riddance) but also to plan for the future.

Whilst this change is inevitable, we still have the ability to influence the outcome.

So, during this time of mercury retrograde, let go of the past, leave it, it’s gone forever. Once mercury goes direct again on July 12th, the past should be left behind and we all need to look forward.

Earth is moving into its own next phase, Earth 2.0 and it’s time to get ready.



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