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Time to Part Ritual

Sep 13, 2006

Time to Part Ritual
Incense of the day: Neruli
Sometimes in a relationship we intuitively know it’s time to part. There might be signs such as less affection or a lack of spark, but mostly you just know. At the same time, neither of you want to get around to talking about ending the relationship. Along with just getting up the guts to tell your lover it’s time to part ways, you will likely need a spell for closure to help you move on. On this waning Moon, you can begin the process. On blue-colored paper, write your partner’s name and your name, leaving some space in between, and say out loud:
Good times don’t always last.
For us, the best ones have passed.
As I cut this paper with names of two,
I do it with fond memories parting from you.
Tear the paper, separating your names. Dispose of the two pieces in different places to seal the parting.
By: Emely Flak,??Llewellyn?and GrannyMoon’s Morning Feast


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