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Today’s horoscope…

Jun 19, 2006

Learning how to constructively release anger is essential, dear Taurus. If it is difficult for you, take heart – it’s difficult for many. But it’s not impossible. It takes a willingness to release and express your feelings at the time they occur rather than letting them build inside. When you stuff your feelings, they can fester and grow and this often leads to an explosion. Consider effective communication so you can air your anger as it comes.

Are you saying I have anger issues? Are YOU saying I have anger issues?
Are you SAYING I have anger issues? Are you saying *I* have anger issues?

Hell ya I do.  Damn.

I coulda sworn I posted an entry linking to my other blog on Friday, but it didn’t show up.
I keep a work journal of sorts. But lately it has been a bitch journal.

Anger issues…

And in addition to that entry was the fact that I bitched to a co-worker and found out later that my IT manager was actually IN THE OFFICE at the time (I’m in my own little cubicle of course).


Worried about my job?
Oh HELL ya!

Should be an interesting week….


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