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Too much darkness for a Mom….

Jun 10, 2019

Fury of a Phoenix (Nix, #1)Fury of a Phoenix by Shannon Mayer
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Darkness like you’ve never known

Shannon is a brilliant author. Her writings always take you away to another world.

We all have our light and dark sides.
This book is her dark side.

It’s beautiful in it’s darkness, yet I still must dislike it because of the pain and suffering.
As a mother, this is a difficult series to read.

If you can get past that darkness. If you can believe that good prevails, you might enjoy this series.

But know, the darkness never completely goes away.

If you finish the first book, you MUST finish the series. Do not leave yourself hanging.
Bring the dark to the light. That is your power as a reader. As a fan of Shannon’s stories and writings.

I have yet to have read all her books. I hope this is the darkest of all. I will continue to read all her works and everything new she releases, but this one will be the only one, I hope, that will receive a low score from me.

The low score is only because of the child. This is the only book I ever finished that had death so soon… so much pain and horror and darkness. This will most likely be the the only book as such that I will ever finish.

I will not score this a 1 but it’s more of a 2-3
I will go with 2 but only because of the child.

The story is fantastic and as all stories and as all characters, it needed told.

I hope Shannon was able to successfully release her own darkness with this book as the horror and pain is something that must be experienced in other to write it so well.

Read at your own risk.
You’ll love it and hate it
But, again, if you finish this book, you must finish the series.

No spoilers. Do not read any reviews. Just read the next 2 books.

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