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Top Six Reasons To Forgive

Aug 22, 2009 #forgive

No one can change the past, but you do have the power to upgrade how you feel about it, and that makes all the difference.
You can take your power back from all those painful memories, and make peace with your past.
Forgiveness heals the guilt and the hurt, and does this quietly, privately, and thoroughly.
Forgiveness does not mean that you let anyone off the hook, it means that your present happiness is more important than your past suffering.
Forgiveness does not mean that you condone the hurtful things done to you, it means that you reclaim your right to run your own life.

Right now those hurtful things are running your life, and how is that working for you?
The people who hurt you may have ruined your yesterdays, but only you are in charge of your tomorrows.
And if you feel guilt over people that you have hurt, forgiving yourself will heal you and allow you to move forward with a happier attitude and a healthier body.

So here are the top six reasons to forgive.

1 You will feel better and laugh more.
Resolving all that negative spin from your past allows you to enjoy yourself and have the daily fun you really want.
Your buttons will stop being pushed because they will be gone.
You see, guilt and hatred resolve nothing, they just sustain the negativity that continues to stop you from reaching your personal and professional goals.
Forgiveness, on the other hand, undoes the stickiness that binds you to all those unhappy yesterdays, and this returns your personal energy to your present life, and you get more done.
Forgiveness is excellent for improved prosperity and success in every area of your life.

2 You will be healthier.
Carrying negativity appears to cause many physical ills.
The body and the mind are the same thing.
Just as ice and steam are still basically water, your body and your mind are simply different manifestations of your spirit.
Relieve your mental stress and your body will be happier too.
Nothing relieves mental stress like forgiveness.
Forgiveness heals.

3 People will like you better.
You will be a more enjoyable person to be around, and will attract more positive people to your life.
Humans are imperfect, and we all make mistakes.
One trait of positive people is that they take life less personally, and readily forgive mistakes as they happen.
On the other hand, perfectionists are often miserable people, having standards way too high to be reached.
Would you settle for mere excellence?
Then do so, and your relations with others will improve immediately.
Happy people are all about smiles.
Sure, there are fights worth fighting, but if you live is one long series of fights with other people, the exhaustion must be terrible for you.
Forgive and life improves.
It really is that simple.

4 You will stop the constant suffering.
Forgive others exactly because what happened was not your fault.
Ask yourself: What was done to me?
How long ago did all that happen?
Are those hurtful people still in my life?
Why should I keep suffering for what someone else did?
Since it was not my fault, why am I still paying for it?
Of course you have suffered way too long and way too much already.
And those hurtful people have probably been gone from your life for years.
So let the suffering stop right now.
Forgive them.

And it may be that complete, one hundred percent may not be possible for you at first, and that is fine.
Not to worry, because you can start with a small percentage of forgiveness and work up.
How about forgiving them ten percent?
Even five percent forgiveness is an excellent step in the right direction.
The more you forgive, the better you will feel.

5 You have punished yourself long enough.
Self forgiveness stops the overwhelming feelings of guilt that obstruct your happiness.
Ask yourself: What was my crime?
How long ago did that happen?
Am I still doing stuff like tha t?
If I had been imprisoned for it, would I be out by now?
You have likely already punished yourself way too much, and it is time to grant yourself a full pardon.
Forgive does not mean forget, it means accepting responsibility, and moving on with your life in positive ways, having learned your lessons.
You can stop spinning over how you used to be and get on with creating the good life you have always deserved.
So forgive yourself.
Right now.
Since you cannot undo what you did, you must do the next best thing, and that is to face what happened, and then let the blame go.

6 No one needs to know.
Forgiveness happens privately.
You do not need to call anyone up or write any letters.
Forgiveness is an internal healing, and it is all about you.
Other people will have to forgive themselves for what they did.
Your concern is you.
You evolve all the time anyway, so why not evolve for the better?

And here is how do forgiveness.
As you remember past events and the people involved, feel forgiveness flow from your heart out to them and back to yourself.
Visualize what happened and who was there, forgiving everything and everyone involved.
If you are not particularly visual, that is not a problem at all, since you can just sense and feel what happened, and process from there.
Sensing and feeling work just as well as visualizing.

If anger arises when you think of some people, then in the privacy of your own thoughts, confront them.
Tell them how you feel about what happened, and spend all of that anger you feel toward them.
Tell them all the things you would never say to their face, but need to express.
And then forgive them.

You may need to feel forgiven by your higher power.
Please know that God/dess forgives you the first time you ask, so only ask once.
If you have to ask twice, then it is you who is not forgiving you.
Forgive yourself fully knowing that God/dess never needs to be asked twice.

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