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Tracy’s response…

Sep 18, 2006

Kris, just wanted to let you know what I did say to Kevin.
Early last week, I think Tuesday, we were carrying in groceries
from the car.  Kevin wanted to take in the DVD player that we
have been using on the way to Ft. Knox.  I said to please leave
it in the car.  He asked why.  I said because we would be using
it durring the weekend. He asked where we were going.  I told
him he was going to your house and he would be having fun there,
a birthday party or something you had said on Sunday.  He then
asked where Dessa and I were going.  I told him not to worry
about it, he would be having fun with you.  He asked if we were
going somewhere fun.  I said we probably would have fun, but he
would also be having fun with you.  He said it wasn’t fair he
didn’t get to go have fun with us.  I said he did have fun with
us, we had gone to visit his daddy when he was with Dessa and I
and he had fun there.  He said it wasn’t fair that we got to go
to museums and papa’s and wherever we were going this weekend
without him.  I told him he got to do things we didnt do with
you and had fun without us and that we couldn’t just stay at
home whenever he wasn’t here.  He was having fun at your house
and with friends and so were we… it wasn’t about being fair or
not fair… He still kept trying to push the topic and I told
him the discussion was closed.  He asked later in the week what
fun place we were going and I told him the same thing that he
was going to have fun at your house.  As for crying before
comming home here…  He also cries about going to your house…
I too tell him that he has fun there with you and with Gabe and
that once he gets there he will be fine… and I’m guessing he

I have had a deal with several parents that I have had their
child in school.  The deal is that I won’t believe half of the
things that their child tells me about them if they don’t
believe half of the things that their child tells them about me.
Kids have a way of turning things around to be negative even
when they were never that way by telling part of a story or just
pieces… it may not even be intentional on their part… it
just happens…  Please if you have any concerns, just ask… I
will tell you…

Tracy Bethea


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