• Sat. Jun 22nd, 2024

Turned in my resignation

I turned in my resignation yesterday. Nobody in administration has said anything to me yet, but most of the teachers know. And many of the students know. I didn’t know of any reason not to tell them. I mean, school prepares them for life, right? Well, welcome to life and shitty people who dump all over you.

Okay, I didn’t tell them that. I told them a sob story about how I never get to see my son. (Truth) and how 50 miles one way does a wear and tear job on my car (Truth) and how my husband and I decided it was for the best to try and find a job closer to home. (Also Truth). Anything else, they don’t need to know about, or at least not officially from me. Many realize that I was screwed over by a para who may or may not have done it on purpose.
I talk about this in my 9 May 2002 journal

Other teachers are asking me if I have another job lined up or something..
Nope. I sure don’t.

Which probably has them wondering what the hell happened.

I’m still wondering what the hell happened. I had loved this job until April. There were little things, but I figured we would work through them. Ididn’t realize that once you were on the bad side, you never got off that bad side and that I was basically screwed.

Am I bitter? ;) Nah.. Not at all… *sigh*

Since early April, things just kept going down hill further and further.

But then, maybe SOMEONE will notice that all three English teachers resigned this year.

Maybe SOMEONE will notice that there has been an extremely HIGH turnover rate of English teachers at this particular school.

Maybe SOMEONE will make the connection that the VP was an English teacher before she became VP.

Maybe SOMEONE will tell this VP that she needs to LET GO or go back to teaching English, because we just can’t live up to her. We cannot teach the way she taught. (And we may not WANT too!)

And maybe they will just continue in this routine until teachers become computerized….

Or they just run out of English Teachers!!!!

Goddess, Give me strength!

Blessed Be!!


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