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Two weeks from now

Jun 8, 2011

Processing day for your broilers is 2 weeks away. Things have gone smoothly as of late out on the pasture (but we need some rain!). Once you get into a habit of taking care of the birds and get all of the little bugs worked out, it goes fairly quickly and you actually have more time to enjoy watching the birds rather than just working them.

Every morning when I feed them, there’s a rush to the trough. That’s my way of distracting them so that they all stay in one position while I roll the pen to a new patch of forage. BUT there’s always a dozen or so that have caught on to the game. While the others are getting their early feeding on, they get to grab the choicest of bugs! You’d be surprised how much insect life is on a small patch of pasture but these smarter birds have figured it out. Eventually the others figure it out too and get their fill but the early birds truly get the (choicest of) worms (and grubs).

Anyhow, being that this is the first time that I’ve raised chickens for customers, I’m running through the logistics of delivery issues. Here’s my initial plans (basic right now but detailed later) to get the frozen/processed birds to everyone. I don’t currently have storage options to keep frozen birds overnight so I’ll have to travel to get the processed birds and make the deliveries on the same day.

I’m thinking that I’ll make the delivery point Washburn Rural HS parking lot (away from the buildings) on Thursday 6/23 between the hours of 5 and 6(ish) pm. Depending on your after-pick up plans or travel time you may want to bring a cooler for your birds. At that point, we’ll square up on payments based on the poundage. Also, if you wish to purchase any more than what you originally ordered, feel free to do so (based on availabilities). Due to an error on the hatchery’s part, I have extras. OR just keep it in mind for the weeks ahead when you need to restock your freezer.

Also, I’ll be taking pre-orders for the second batch at this time also. I anticipate them being available in early September.

If you have any questions at this time, please let me know. I’ll get in touch again next week to confirm the final details. And if you need to contact me in person you can reach me at 785-554-****



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