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Update on idiocy…

Oct 19, 2008

Yesterday I blogged about the situation with Corkyy and her bed and her bio-mother.

Today, I got some truths.

Truth one: Last week Aphrodite informed Thorik and I that she and Eric (she stated “We”, so we assumed it meant her and Eric) was going to pay for Corkyy’s rent. — Which was why they couldn’t get Corkyy a bed.

Truth two: Aphrodite hasn’t gotten paid for her new job yet, so she cannot currently pay for Corkyy’s rent. (What happened to Eric in this picture?)

Truth three: Aphrodite informed Corkyy that she needed to chose. Either use the money I sent for a bed or for rent and that if she doesn’t pay rent, there is no place for the bed. (Bitch).

Truth four: Corkyy’s rent is paid until November.

Truth five: Corkyy still doesn’t have a bed.

Truth six: My money is sitting in limbo.

Truth seven: There was a family emergency, one of Eric’s daughters had a high fever and was having seizures.

Truth eight: I’m going to scrounge up some more money to hopefully pay Corkyy’s rent.

Truth nine: I am very upset with Aphrodite for not telling me any of this.

Truth ten: All these truths could have been shared earlier this month when I had a bit more money and could have been prepared.

Truth eleven: Corkyy was afraid that I would be pissed at her (or her mother).

Truth twelve: I am not pissed. I am disappointed in Aphrodite and quite frustrated with the whole situation.

Truth thirteen: We are not allowed to let Aphrodite know that we know.


Asked Aphrodite before I knew these “truths” when she would get Corkyy a bed. Here is her response:

What about the bed? You’re the one that wanted to get this taken care of before the handfasting. I never said we had time to move before then. If Courtney finds a way, then so be it, we’ll go get her the money and she can go buy the bed and have whoever else she has found to move it for her. Until then, the money will sit there until WE are ready.

I’m afraid I did a childish thing. I removed Aphrodite and Eric from my top friends. Perhaps this is the “split” we needed to happen. Who knows. I wonder if she will even come to the handfasting. I wonder if I really want her there. Hell, now she probably won’t get her stuff. Thank the goddess that Disa is going to be here when they are supposedly going to pick up her stuff.


What a cluster.

So, is it wrong that I’m being so childish?


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