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Ups and downs

Feb 21, 2008

Well, I finally heard back from the sofa warranty people. They are sending me a “kit”. It will take 7-10 days to arrive. *sigh*

*knock on wood* The cats seem to behaving better since the dogs been locked in the basement. Also, Aphrodite left, so there is one less cat… of course, with her gone, most of the dishes and cleaning has been left up to me. Thorik does some but Corkyy hasn’t really done anything. She has cooked supper a few times, but doesn’t seem to clean. She’s planning on moving in with her grandmother in March. At least going there for an extended stay… She has a lot of doctors appointments coming up and since it takes 6 months to get on Healthwave in Kansas, she’s going to keep her residence in Missouri. I guess we’ll see what happens. Michelle is going to pay her car insurance as well as hers and Thorik’s phone bill (supposedly, she never reimbursed the money I spent on Thorik, the dog and the cats… and that has put me in a bind.. I guess we cannot count on her anymore.. LOL.. an “eye-opening” experience, you could say!)

My son’s routine has been.. psuedo broken. By the time he finishes his homework, Corkyy already has the TV turned to her shows so he doesn’t get to watch cartoons. I think he’ll survive though. He still gets his morning cartoons, since Corkyy is still sleeping.

Aphrodite is supposed to send me some money soon. She is supposed to be getting her tax return. Hopefully she will be able to send 4-5 hundred and that will get me back on track. I have car insurance as well as tags and registration coming up. On a positive note, my “deposit” for gas was used to pay last month’s gas bill, so that saved me 250!!! (well most of it..)

Still have the damn dog. No one wants the old bitch. I think she’s gonna need to go to a no-ill shelter or to Dalmatian rescue or something. I still just want her gone. Thorik FINALLY cleaned up some of the dog shit though.. at least it is no longer in my moon garden.

Speaking of the moon, the eclipse was last night. I didn’t do any rituals and I wish I would have. There was a LOT of power last night. I sent out a request for job/money for Thorik or I. (Maybe that’s why my tax return is going to be decent this year. That will also help a lot).

If only my parents would have agreed to helping me consolidate my loans. Oh well. I will survive without them. And their time with my son will be much more limited. This will take me a while to “get over”. *shrug*

All in All, Thorik and I are doing well. :) I still enjoy his company and handfasting has come up a few times. :) I still like the idea. I want to stick with a year and a day, as tradition holds, to begin with, and then look at “eternity” or something more after the first year and a day. I want to see how this next year transpires. I just hope he can find a job soon! Figure out what he wants to do and starts moving towards his goals!

He has started working on the basement. He’s fixing a lot of shit that DJ fucked up. DJ left the bathroom a complete fuckup. The walls aren’t even ready for painting. We got the stuff, toilet, vanity, flooring, to put in and paint for the walls, but Thorik is having to spend time mudding them!! :( I had planned on painting last weekend, but never had a chance cuz I was so pissed at DJ. Blah.

Thorik does continue to make me lunch every day! :) That’s really sweet of him!! I enjoy our lunches… ;) Generally, it is just him and me.


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