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Use and trust your inner GPS

Apr 12, 2011

Onward and Through; The Awakening of the Soul


The winter of spiritual life is upon you.  In this time you will experience a freeze on all useful activity, all plans on hold, and a drain in energy.  The chill wind is reaching you over the ice floes of old out moded habits. If you are holding on, you could be experiencing a shallowness or a sense of being out of touch with life.  Shedding, cleansing away old, brings the thaw. This requires the sacrifice of the personal, of the ‘I’, and the courage and wisdom of surrender. This is a time of restoration and renewal and a time of giving up of the will. A time of submit, surrender, and even sacrifice of long cherished desires. It is a time of gestation and rebirth.  It is a time of flow of beings into new form.  Through steadfastness and right attitude, the blossoming can occur. Consider issues with care and awareness.  Disperse resistance, then accomplish the work.  You may at first be blind to the implications of the situation you’re entangled in.  Don’t collapse during times of accelerated self change into emotions (highs or lows), remain nuetral.  As new opportunities and challenges are upon you, know too are unwanted trespasses. Seek not outside yourself for the answers, source within.  This is the wisdom of the spiritual warrior.  Remain mindful and in right action.  If pain comes, observe it, stay with it.  Don’t pull the veil down and escape by denying what is happening.  You will progress.  Knowing that is your protection. ~from the Ruins

On the Radar with the Inner GPS

Frustration~ feel the rise!  Something’s commin’ to the surface to be healed.  Face it and be free.  I know, we all wanna run in the face of aversion, but think of how great it would be to be done with this one ‘thing’ (or three or four!) that’s comin’ up for review once and for all.  You’re a warrior, remember.  Charge on! Go face first into the fear of the illusion. None of this is real, remember.

Irritation~ same as above- somethin’s bubblin’. Look for the clues.  They’re all around you.  You set up this marvelous plan to unfold right before you at this exact moment in time.  It’s divine.  And so are you.  Open to it.  It may take a few days, or weeks to come out in full, this next ‘thing’ that you need to look at and resolve, so pay attention in the meanwhile, to the dramas unfolding, to your emotions, to your thoughts.  Bring in awareness.  You may not know what’s coming up or going on exactly, but rest assured, you will, soon enough.

Regret~ extensively deceptive in nature, as it lures you into it’s web, seducing you into the notion that by honing in the aspects it’s unveiling to you, you will find your truest self. Yes,, there’s relevance in perspective, but wallowing in the past is nothing greater than a wash of shame and a direct back road to the all-to prevalent within our world depths of self-hate. Notice the lesson and move on. Resist the desire or need (temptation) to get buried by this one.  It will only take you down. Use discipline where needed. Off-limit regretful and cyclical thoughts, knowing that neutrality is a higher choice for perspective.

Off-Centerdness~  designed to show you were you need to look to further clean out the crevices. If you feel knocked off your block, out of alignment, or un-centered, you are so that you can know what remains that is in conflict with your acceleration of being centered, grounded, and in the now on a more regular basis. You may experience this ‘disorientation’ until you find the clues or the core of what’s eating at you and trying to get your attention.  Lessons, lessons.  Have patience and the path will ensue. Remember not to push the panic button. Sometimes we’re off, because we need to see how off the mark we are. We’re simply being shown what we need to do to go forward. Go inward and receive. The ‘gifts’ or insights at hand may be painful at first, but they are only pieces that are needing to heal. Within them are the gems. Be steadfast and courageous and know that it is all really working in your favor. Really.

Your job in this is to pay attention, because it’s all these things leading up, all of these surfacing bubbles, that are speaking to you of what needs to be shifted.  What needs to be shifted will continue to vie for your attention regardless of whether or not you’re interested in noticing.  You can run, but you can’t hide (for long anyway).  And the thing is, this is not something that’s happening ‘to you’, to begin with.

All of this is happening FOR you, yes FOR you.  It’s happening so that you can integrate into oneness.  And you integrate into oneness by becoming whole.  Wholeness happens as we open up to and embrace all of our parts.  In licking our wounds and paying homage to the parts of our selves that need healing, we allow for a sovereignty to bleed through.  All of those things that lay buried take up space (and precious energy).  Though they are indeed facets of who we are, buried in unconscious beliefs and long-suppressed emotions, they, by the nature of being pushed away so long, are restricting our flow.

Flow is everything.  When you are not flowing, you’re not in alignment, you’re not feeling good.  When you’re not feeling good to the point of pain (physical or emotional) you’re energy is blocked.  A blockage in energy means there’s need for release in order to resume flow.

The ‘Flow’ is actually there to help you remove these blockages so that you can resume harmony. So when it feels like you’re being pummeled and you can’t seem to catch your breath from all of the oncoming traffic of ‘stuff’, know that the ‘Force’ is on your side.  Your consciousness, your connection, your Highest Self, are all bringing your attention to ‘what needs fixed’ in order that you can focus in and do the work so that you can realign at a higher level.  Yes, you have to do your part too.  Your part is to free yourself from having to create more of the energy that caused the blocks in the first place.  You do this by learning the lesson of the ‘thing’ that keeps coming up for you. (think karma).

Generally, there’s a theme, or a certain song that’s sung. One that’s familiar. One that you know so well. And within the melody are the notes in which you can work to ‘disarm’ the charge of the emotions and beliefs that are needing to be shifted.  Each time you react to a ‘thing’, or recurring theme with charged a emotion, you set in motion the replay of that theme to play out again, in its next greatest version, derived by you, before you ever came here, in order that you would ‘get it’.

Sometimes these themes are played out over and over because we’re not learning the particular lesson that’s intended. We may think it’s about one thing when it’s about another, and the lessons may not be as obvious as they may seem.  And sometimes, especially as you progress further along on your path, the lessons and theme are so intertwined that you can’t quite figure out which one to choose. Some common themes coming up for review are abandonment, loneliness, dis-empowerment, oppression, death (of self or other through separation of what was), shame, unworthiness, and trust. So within these themes are certain elements that we need to become acquainted with in order to release them.  And in order to become acquainted, you have to become intimate with them.  You have to feel them.

>There’s conflict here, for most, as we find ourselves unwilling to dig into the trenches at the cost of the pseudo-peace we’re feeling.  But know that much truer peace is found as we step into greater alignment.  And remember that these are parts of us that are crying out for attention, that are wanting to be called home.  We can’t only embrace the good.  Compassion is called for with all parts.  So too is a tender nature.  The part of you that is feeling unloved and abandoned needs witnessed, needs to be listened to, and needs to be understood.  As long as it’s shut down, it will continue to tantrum.  And as long as it’s kept deep in the galley, it will continue to rule you and your actions on a subconscious level.  And the beat will go on and on.

We need to bring the subconscious into the light- merge it with the consciousness we’ve been connecting to so that it can be free.  And so, you see, there is purpose to it all, and power.  For as we open to what calls to us, we find ourselves on a deeper level.  And as we integrate all of the pieces we’ve been running from, we begin to know our capacity for joy and love in a greater way.

Honor the process at hand.  Trust it.  It’s speaking to you directly.  You have choice in whether or not you will receive it’s message or turn the other way.  Be with it without the fear of it stripping away what is good.  What is even greater remains hidden beneath this thing that you fear.  Shine your light into the depths of excavation with a brave heart and a hand extended to all of those pieces in search of their way home.

You are a hero on this journey.  This is the rescue mission.  Go forward in confidence, knowing that this inner work will ever radiate outward in fruition of our dreams.  As you remove what stands in your way, you are given free reign within the treasure map of your soul.  Set out to make a difference and know that every ounce of it counts.  The measure of your greatness is not in ounces but in pounds. Your worth is far greater than you have yet known. Open to the possibilities of your potential as you open to all of the pieces of your soul. In doing so, you find your way home.

Be Blessed and know Love,

Copyright © 2010 Rhonda Simpson~Conscious Co-Creating. Permission is granted to copy and redistribute this transmission on the condition that the content remains complete and in tact, full credit is given to the author, and that it is distributed freely.


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