• Fri. Apr 12th, 2024

Valentine’s Day 2k

Tiz Valentine’s Day…

What a lonely day to be without my dear husband. I am comforted by this wonderful child within me, so even though my husband is far away, I have a part of him with me. What a wonderful feeling!

Imbolc was a very special evening for me. I had read somewhere about using white candles and white flowers to celebrate this holiday.

My ritual was simple and lovely. It was relaxing and powerful at the same time. The candle light, the white flowers, all made for a magickal sight.

After my ritual, I lit all the candles in my house. This was another suggestion I had discovered on the internet. My house glowed for nearly an hour before I decided that it was time for sleep. (It was nearly 4 am!)

Nothing spectacular happened, yet this ceremony was more fullfilling than any I had had in a while. It truly was a magnificent night and I could feel that the goddess was near and approved.

Perhaps this doesn’t make sense, but that was the feeling I was left with, and the feeling remained on into the next day.

Thank you, goddess, for such a special night.

Blessed Be!

Baby Journal:

14 February 2000

Valentine’s Day.
I’m at 19 weeks!!
Almost halfway there!
Everything seems fine, so far.
And we are so happy!! :)
Baby is shy and has managed to hide
his or her sex from us….
All I want is a healthy baby!
So, if baby wants to be a surprise,
So be it!


I'm Me!