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Veiled threat?

Aug 31, 2006

Tracy’s email to me this morning:
I too was pretty proud of him.  I am trying to work as well with you as I can.
I will call when we get there.  yes it is just me and the kids.
No problem with the other weekends.

Michael graduates Nov 9 and we will be going up for the graduation.  I do not know for certain when he is comming back as his orders are until later in the month.  He has been asking but is unsure if he is “blackbirded” helping with the next arriving class or if they will let him go on leave and go home for the rest of his days.

I will drive safely… our family is my life :)

My response to her:
I will plan to not have Kevin the weekend of November 9, then. :)

Yes, our family. Yours AND mine. :)
Our family is my life as well. I will do whatever it takes to protect it.


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