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I found this on one of my egroups list. I just wanted to shar because it is such a great idea.

Blessed Be!

Dear People,

You are invited and encouraged to participate in the


Full Moon Rising E-Zine
Vital 13 Day Vigil For Earth webpage

This letter is not meant as spam or advertisement; but is a plea to help heal the Earth and her Inhabitants.

We just passed the Full Moon yesterday; and there are 13 days until the New Moon and Earth Day on April 22nd. It has occured to me to take advantage of the powerful energy of this time frame to hold a vigil for the healing of Earth and Her inhabitants.

I am asking all of you, who are so inclined to join me over the next 13 days in devoting as much spiritual energy as possible in bannishing the multitude of problems faced on Earth and invoking energy to restored health, well-being, balance, love, freedom, peace, respect, and prosperity. And any other benefit that I have omitted.

These are problems that need our attention, spiritual energy and solutions on a regular basis. Still, it is very powerful to hold a focused vigil for these matters. The idea is to list problems that need to be targeted, and send in comments that will encourage solutions. Please feel free to send in more specific Earth needs to be added to the list. Also, I am setting up a separate page for comments from readers regarding this 13 Day Vigil for Earth. When you send in your additions to the needs list, or any comments; please include rather or not you give permission to have your name printed with your comment or list need, and possibly your email address. Your comments may be printed anonymously, if you prefer. If you feel you do not know how to participate in a vigil; please don’t let that stop you. If you could focus your thoughts or light a candle once per day for the healing f the Earth and Her Inhabitants; that would carry healing energy to meet those needs. It really does work.

Send need list additions and comments for posting to:

Ani Bealaura at fmrez@lycos.com or use the form at the bottom of the page at:

WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE! This is just a start on the Need List.

Pollution of Air, Water, and Earth

Human Disease Epidemics Such as:
Mad Cow Disease
HIV Aids
Serious Viral Influenzas
Small Pox
Infections and toxic effects from pollution

Human Social Epidemics such as:
Violations of Human Rights and Dignity
Political Imprisonment
Disasters created by War and Crime
Drug and Alcohol Abuse
Corruption and Greed

Endangered Wild Animals due to:
encroachment of civilizaton, over hunting, pollution, diseases, and overpopulation due to environmental imbalances

Endangered Domestic Animals due to:
overpopulation, diseases such as Hoof and Mouth, cruelty to by humans, and abandonment.

Plant Disease and Destruction Such as:
Deforestation due to encroachment of civilization
Air, Water, and Soil Pollution
Devastation of plantlife due to climate imbalances
Crop failures due to disease and insect infestation
Oak Tree Sudden Death Syndrome caused by a mysterious fungus (still spreading in California)

Natural Disasters due to:
Violent Weather Volcanoes

Kind Regards and Blessings to All,
Ani Bealaura


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