• Wed. Jun 12th, 2024

What is wrong with people?

What the hell is wrong with people? Is it something in the air? Have they forgotten the love that brought us together 6 months ago? Why does it seem that there is more little spats in small groups than before? Old friends are fighting.

People are falling to pieces. Lovers and friends are battling, for no reason. It is chaos! If I were Christian, I’d prally want to run around screaming, “The End is Near!” or something dorky. But I truly don’t understand what is going on.

It’s not just online. It’s not just off line. I’m seeing it everywhere, home, work, clubs, etc. Everywhere. I just don’t understand.

My husband is grumpy, my mother is terrified that we are going to give our son a military haircut (I think they are cute! AND so easy to take care of). We’ve had at least one “hysterical” call from her already, and we just mentioned it on Sunday!

Teachers resigning because SCHOOL BOARDS listen to parents and children rather than their own employees. Colleges denouncing said school boards. Students now worried that they will never get into college.

And I think I was mean to someone today. I guess it depends on how she took it. But it really wasn’t a nice thing for me to have said. I should prally apologize tomorrow. If nothing else, then for my choice of words.

I have good friends. Many many good friends who are concerned for me. I am also getting cute little “notes” from someone, who, by using e-cards, is keeping their identity secret. I don’t know if I should be scared or not.

There is something in the air. It must be that.

Please, Goddess, help me. Help us all through these dark months until spring finally arrives.

Blessed Be!!!


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