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When it rains, it pours… *sigh*

Nov 8, 2007

Wow. What a day!

Well, Thorik went back, as you already read in my previous two blog entries… and I was worried that I would spend the evening just missing him and being lonely… but the goddess and the universe had other plans for me.

First, I got an email from my son’s teacher that he had hit a boy and had to go talk to the school counselor PLUS, the same day (which was yesterday, although I just found all this out today) he was telling some of his friends that his dad had died in Iraq!!! :(

So I emailed my ex and his new wife and sent a response back to my son’s teacher mentioning that it would be nice to know about these things sooner so they would give me more “teachable” moments. I later did receive a call from the school counselor. It didn’t really sound like a big thing, but I definitely wanted to talk to my son about being a bully and not hurting his friends (which we did when he got home this eve).

THEN, I got a call from my ex’s sister (she’s my sis too, and I’ll love her forever.. even if we aren’t blood.) Seems like my ex’s Mom is not doing well. Sis was in tears and scared to death. She wanted my ex to call his mom and wanted me to pass on the message. *sigh* Now I’m terrified and preparing to take my son and go visit her this weekend. But first, I will call in the morning, talk to Mom and then talk to Lester to see what his interpretation is of the situation. A clear head and a clear perspective before I head out. Especially since Tracy is going down there this weekend. Blah.

SO, when I missed a call from Tracy, I’d thought that she was going to mention that she was going and perhaps ask if we wanted to ride with her.. but no.. LOL. The first time she called was to let me know she wasn’t goin to be moving to Wichita because she can’t get out of her contract with Manhattan. (Yeah, I know.. I hadn’t written about that.. but I haven’t had time! She is having difficulties and had had a job offer in Wichita and was contemplating moving there. But that’s not going to happen at least not during this school year. She still has much to deal with, with her house foreclosing and her first ex demanding that she refinance to get his name off the house as she was supposed to do back when they divorced… yeah.. around the same time my ex and I got divorced… )

She also complained briefly about not getting any money from my ex. I know she is getting what the court ordered, but I didn’t say that. I just went along with what she said and made appropriate noises. *sigh* Then I reminded her that our ex (OMG, did I just say that? Shit.) isn’t going to be in Iraq all that long and that the money he has coming in now is going to seriously diminish when he gets back. She can’t count on that money for more than six to nine months tops. I honestly don’t think she had thought about that. When he gets back, he’s going to be making at least HALF of what he is making now and she won’t be getting her full 2200 a month anymore. The courts can’t make him pay that if he’s not earning it! The money can’t come from Mel. They will have to go to court and start all over again. Hell, it might even be in his best interest to not have a job for a while.. but either way, I gave her a headsup that the money isn’t always going to be there. My ex will not be able to make as much money here as he is over there. *shrug* I hope she believes me and realizes that it simply will not happen. Yes, he will have to pay the money he owes while he is there and the money from the twins birth on, but once that is caught up and once he is back to living as a civilian, that money is gone! *sigh* I encouraged her to plan for it and have a backup plan for when he gets back from Iraq. For the kids sake, I hope she heeds my warning and my thoughts… but then, I’m the dreaded ex, whom she accused had stolen her husband away from her. *smirk* T’wasn’t I, although my ex-in-laws would have loved it, my ex’s heart was taken by another.. as mine is now taken by Thorik.

Soap operas, who needs them?

NEXT my parents called. I had sent them the emails from my son’s teacher. They were very upset and concerned. And honestly, my mom wasn’t making that much sense. Okay. My son’s a boy. He hit another boy, that’s bad, but sometimes it does happen! If it happened daily, I would be freaking and he would be grounded, but this came out of the blue and it (to my knowledge) hasn’t happened in a while. I will see what the next week or so brings. If it happens again, there will be a punishment. Either way, my parents were over-reacting. And stupid me, I mentioned my ex’s Mom to them and my mom got totally confused. *sigh* I have no idea what she was thinking.. and even my dad.. was kinda off. Needless to say, I was very glad to get off the phone with them.

And you might think I was done, BUT while I was on the phone with my parents, Tracy called again! (OMG!!!) This time, she’d found a ring that my ex’s mom had given to my son and some old paperwork. She wanted me to remind her sometime when we were getting the kids together to give those to me! LOL We chatted a bit more and then got off the phone. (I did hear Dessa wake up and tell her mom that she misses Daddy. Tracy did tell me that Dessa got to email Daddy earlier and that she’s going to try to do that every time Dessa says that. She said it was Katrin’s idea! YEAH Katrin!!! My ex will enjoy that!! )

So now. I’m sitting here writing all this down. Calming myself down and missing Thorik horribly. Got an email from beckman who says he can be more comfortable around me now that I have a boyfriend. LOL Go figure.

Life is weird. It’s never just one thing.. it has to be a multitude. The universe is keeping me on my toes.

Oh yeah.. forgot to mention that Mel, my ex’s new wife, received her oldest daughter’s gradecard today.. and she is failing everything. Then I had to go and add to that stress by telling her about my ex’s mom and that my ex needs to call her. *sigh* Sorry Mel. I didn’t plan on adding to your plate, but you and my ex both needed to know… I’ll find out more tomorow… and we’ll see how Lester interprets it.

Anyway. I’m tired but I’m lonely. My head hurts and I’ve got too many things rattling around in my brain. I just hope I can sleep tonight!!


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