• Mon. Dec 4th, 2023

Who can or cannot do magic or magic spells

Today in my group FlintHills Pagans We were talking briefly about who can or cannot do magic or magic spells.

Basically, the way I see it, anyone can do them.

I quoted a passage from one of my books…

This is what I said…
I’m quoting from a non-Wiccan book. I picked it up because it had beautiful poems and pictures and it was a down to earth description of some of the things I feel about Magick and life. It has some really good information in it, and as in all books, some stuff that I disagree with. However, it is perfect to try to help you understand that spells don’t follow a particular tradition, Wiccan, Pagan, Native American, Shamanism, etc. Spells work for all people, for any reason.

You just always must remember to be careful.

Good Magic by Marina Medici —
a book about Magic, but she emphasizes it is not a book of Witchcraft.

“Good Magic is a new concept, in a way, and a very old one too. It is old because magic is as old as time. It is new because only recently few people here and there have started seeing the magic experiences which is the patrimony of all and the right of all, and nothing to do with religion or with supernatural powers or with extra ordinary things.

“This process of rediscovery uses intuition and relaxation, and the help of nature, to bring to the surface the creative patterns already existing. It is not a matter of raising power in order to direct it to a chosen subject, decided a priori to be worthwhile. It is an opening and descending into the roots of your own energy where you will find power, but this power will already be engaged in its true purpose, attributed to it by existence. Then it is not a matter of doing something with it, or even of defending oneself from the erracity of it, but simply of following the energy which is unfolding itself.

“A good magician then is like a good gardener. He knows that changing a rose into another flower is not possible, and that if ever it could be achieved, it would be, at best, just a game. He knows that his job is to sort the weeds from the flowers and to help the flowers grow.”

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