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Whooping Cough – welcome to hell

Apr 16, 2014 ,

My poor son, 13 years old and is getting over Whooping Cough.

His “cold” started during Spring Break. We think he might have picked up the infection during his trip to sea camp. (End of Feb / Beginning of March)

Looking back, he had moments of yuckiness over Spring Break (and I wonder if the all-night lock-in allowed the bug to truly catch up with him).  He didn’t feel quite right the first week after Spring Break (how did I miss this????)

His first choking/gasping for air fit was April 2nd. Kept him home April 3rd, but he had a good day, however that night, he had his 2nd fit during the night. TERRIFYING! He’s slept downstairs ever since, closer to us and to the sink of hot steam which seems to help when we run the hot water.

Lots of aromatherapy. In fact, googling later, I discovered that the aromatherapy likely helped him a LOT even though we didn’t know what it was. Score one for the natural remedies! :)

Anyway, it has been a month of hell. Trips to the doctor, (couldn’t get in to Ear Nose and Throat doctor on April 4th), early morning trip on April 7th, back to doctor’s office, later a trip to the ER, (after six hours of hell there, the doctor on call said it was all in his head!!) and a trip to Ear, Nose and Throat on April 8th (who thought it was Acid Reflux) and ultimately back to to Primary Care doctor who finally ordered bloodwork and a nose swab on April 9th.

Yes. He has whooping cough. I got the call Monday, April 14, from the Shawnee County Health Department. Elaine. She was amazing!

So, it took the health system 10 days to figure out why my son was gasping for air. Terrifying.

Not sure I’ve survived, but my son is doing better. Me? I have been on the verge of a nervous breakdown for over a week now. I finally broke down and took some me time. I have the most wonderful husband in the world, as Thorik came through and was mom, dad, and everything while I sat in the corner and sucked my thumb.

Note to self: next time, take a break BEFORE I get to the broken point.


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