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Why Empaths Need to Step Away From Political Drama

May 21, 2020

by Jan Erickson

Empaths can have the most fluid of boundaries given how we experience energy surrounding us. Empaths feel in to know more about what’s going on when they sense something doesn’t feel quite right. We have plenty of that now with all the chaos surrounding the new guy who took office. Lots of fear and worry to contend with and it can be exhausting for anyone to deal with, let alone someone who is empathic.

In my recent book, Empath, I discuss all of this from my own perspective:


An empath doesn’t simply see others, we experience them. We experience their energy, moods, thoughts, body language, words, tone, their eye contact or lack thereof. You name it, an empath may experience it including symptoms of physical illness. And until empaths learn to discern what is and isn’t their own experience, they may feel as if their emotions are all over the place.¹

We sense when another is hurting or fearful and we naturally want to help. We’re now living in troubling times, with the more divisive among us causing widespread concern, and empaths are experiencing this difficult resonance, many in retreat from it all. Empaths need to understand exactly who we are and from where our power to heal is derived so that we can be at our most aligned in Source Presence while helping others.

We don’t need a course or a guru or a set of resources to understand who we are because it’s not that complicated. We only need a reminder of what we already know in our hearts to be true.

We’re not broken, but awakened. There is nothing wrong with us because we know what we know.²


But why does one human being experience life this way and another not so much? I believe it happens prior to incarnation into form when we make the overall choice of a theme for our various life experiences. Not everyone chooses to retain awareness of who they are as the Creator personified in individuated form. Because although religions suggest otherwise, there is no separate God or Creator. The original Source Presence, or the Creator, is All That Is so how can there be anything else? The universe and everything and everyone in it is the Creator seeking to know and experience more. Whatever we see occurring around us is a projection of that unified field of Consciousness. The only judgment attached with respect to positive or negative is generated by the human expression and is not found with Source because Source only loves.

Which is what we all should be doing.

So an empath is really someone who hasn’t forgotten who s/he is as Source Energy. But we become caught up in the drama of how creation is playing out, choosing to interact instead of observing without judgment. And because of that tendency we need to develop a system for checking in. Shielding in various forms also helps, but take time for yourself to go within anyway.

If we go about our day reacting to everything and everyone we come into contact with it can be difficult to let go of all the disparate vibrations we encounter. We can become overwhelmed before we even know it’s happening so it really makes sense to get in the habit of taking a moment to check in with yourself. Ask if what you’re feeling has a basis in your own experience. In other words, are you feeling the way you are because of your own thoughts taking you there, or can you find no real reason for them? If you can’t then you’re responding to something that isn’t your own.

And when you know this, let it go. Visualize the channel dissolving into the air. It’s not yours and it doesn’t need to be attached to you. It’s a form of etheric cord cutting. I just like the visual of dissolving over cutting. Seems more gentle. But if you need a more pronounced visualization, by all means use whatever it takes to keep you balanced and happy.

Sometimes we hang on to these thoughts and feelings because we feel a need to fix them somehow. As if we let them go something tragic will strike. But if it’s really necessary to deal with, it’ll come around again and you can look at it from a more centered standpoint. Otherwise, be ruthless in letting go of what’s unnecessary.

Empaths are a curious bunch, particularly when interesting vibrations come close. We have an activist mentality and we have a crusader’s heart. We’ll stand up to oppression anytime, any place. When staying in a hotel and there’s an unexpected knock at the door, I’ll run to the door in defense with my husband thinking, here she goes again. We both have black belts in Kenpo and he’s a higher rank, but I’m the one who physically runs to danger. He’s more circumspect about the whole matter.

I used to believe that an empath’s sense of justice was on overdrive, but with the appalling oppression around the world along with who just became president here in our own country, perhaps overdrive is what’s needed when lies, manipulation, and other machinations are happening. Certainly his supporters got on board without believing what they saw before them. Empaths, on the other hand, saw this guy coming, experiencing his chaotic behavior first hand. We know who he is and of what he is capable.

So check in with you. Do it often. Empaths tend to retreat anyway, so make sure it becomes a daily practice, particularly now. I’ve found that I cannot watch the news anymore. I’ve been able to read articles but it all depends on where they’re from. I’ve limited my interaction on social media which has been challenging because we’ve had snow for the last two months and I can’t really get outside much. And a witch can only do so many stomach crunches and take so many squat challenges. Eventually the knees suffer.


Original article found here: https://www.sheknows.com/community/living/empaths-boundaries-politics


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