• Sat. Dec 2nd, 2023

Why it’s not a failure when you can’t help someone rise from negativity

This has been a concern for such a long time for me.
I know what makes me happy, I know how to do things that make me happy. I know the things that raise my vibrations. I know how to raise my vibrations. I know how to successfully use the Law of Attraction. I know how to meditate and release negativity. I love to hug trees! LOL

What I don’t know is how to help others reach this level of vibrations and how to teach them to make the Law of Attraction work for them.

I realize that there are different things that will make other people happy. I realize that not everyone will find the same resources for their own personal happiness and higher vibrations.

What I don’t comprehend is how to make them want to do this.
What I cannot comprehend is their lack of desire to try. Or even worse, how easily they give up. How the negativity wins, every. single. time. I simply cannot assimilate.

It has been breaking my heart forever. As long as I’ve been able to accomplish these things on my own, I’ve been trying to help others reach the same status quo. Probably even longer than I knew what an empath was, longer than I even knew what I was doing, because for me, it’s always been instinct.

And then I visited Andrea’s blog called 12 Manifestations of a High Vibration and left a simple comment with a question and all of a sudden my whole life changed!

My question / comment consisted, in part, as this:

I’m curious what kind of success rate you have. I just find it so depressing that people could make such a difference in their lives, the information is out there for free, there are specialists like you who charge but give better one-on-one help, yet I see so few people with the higher vibrations. Why is that? What makes understanding this so difficult? What make this so easy for people like us? Are we different? I feel like I’m so lucky, and then I get that whole ego thing going yet… I can’t seem to teach anyone how to do it.. how to raise their vibrations, how to use the Law of Attraction.. I don’t want to make money.. I just want people to learn how to be happy!

Inner light and higher vibrations
And then her response which changed my life

Hi Kris!

Interesting questions you’re asking here…let’s see if I can do them justice:

As for results, I suppose it depends on how we define success! I consider it a success when someone has found a way to feel universal connection and greater fulfillment in his or her life, and that’s something I see a lot of here, which pleases me greatly! My biggest goal with this website and my work is to help people make strides with their energy…everything else will follow suit :)

As for my role in the process, I see my job here as one to provide information and techniques for people who are interested in applying them to their lives. While I wished I could point a wand at someone and get them precisely where they want to be, the results actually come from the people I work with.

I’m really just here to offer the information and to convey it in a way that makes sense. Those of you who are creating what you want with this information are the ones that have attracted it into your lives and have had the gumption to put it into action!

As you said, there is a lot of information and help out there for people who want to raise their vibrations, but many people are either unaware of the help OR they are completely unaware of the power of positive thinking. Some people, like you, have attracted this information into their lives in very personal and powerful ways, but others simply have not (and might not, ever).

From my perspective, what I (and other specialists) do is create a space for those who have been called to explore these ideas. I’ve learned that my job isn’t to “convert nonbelievers” but rather to provide the resources for those who are looking for more assistance. As they say “the teacher appears when the student is ready.”

What I’ve found is that when I try to “share” this information with someone who hasn’t already learned about it or isn’t asking me directly about it, it usually falls on deaf ears. Here’s why:

If I want to share these ideas with someone who is a “Law of Attraction virgin” who could use some help, usually this is because I feel that this person is projecting negativity and I want to help them become more positive. Because I am personally projecting a belief that the other person is being negative, and this actually amplifies their negativity (at least when he or she is around me). The Law of Attraction will bring me more of what I think and believe, so if I believe someone is negative, they will become more negative in my presence.

As the person becomes more negative in my presence, they become LESS of a vibrational match to this information, even if I am spelling it out for them in plain English. Ironic, huh? LOL!

As a result, people I’ve approached in this manner have discarded what I’m saying with a lot of “yeah, buts,” have gotten offended by what I’ve said or have simply ignored me. There’s nothing I can do to impart the power of this information on someone who is in a negative state of being. It will be rejected 100% of the time.

So, what do we do? How do we spread the message?

The best thing I’ve found is to work on our own vibrations, and simply become examples of what is possible. When we raise our vibrations we show others the power of positive thinking, and those who would like to have similar results will become interested and more receptive to these teachings. They will begin to ask questions and mirror your actions and behavior.

Also, it may help to tell you that it’s OK if someone choses the route of negativity. We all have the freedom to chose how we live this life, for better or for worse. Even though we want to help people who are trapped in negativity, if we had the power to change them they would lose their freedom to chose.

In allowing people to be who they chose to be, we protect their freedom and individuality. In doing this, we also project acceptance, which is calming and soothing to others who are entrenched in negativity. For this reason, paradoxically, letting it be “OK” for someone to be negative actually has a positive effect on his or her vibration!

All we ever can really do is make choices on how we personally act and react. That’s the only power we have to help others.

With all this being said, though, I do sincerely think it is wonderful that you care so much and want to help others. Your desire to help others speaks volumes about your character (and your vibration!).

Keep being you. You are setting a great example, and this is what really helps the world the most!

I hope this makes sense, Kris! Hopefully I’ve answered your questions :)

All the best,


My response to this can be read here.

Oh the relief! Oh the comprehension! Oh the recognition! Oh the RELIEF! Did I mention relief?
It’s not my FAULT!
It’s not THEIR fault.
It’s just the way it is and when and if they are ready, the teachers will be here for them.

This is a a response I can live with.
This is a reality I can live with.

I should have seen it sooner. I cannot help those who aren’t ready. I cannot make them ready. It’s their journey, their path, their choice.

I am here when you’re ready and I love you.


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