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Yestereday was my son’s picture day…

Oct 5, 2006

and my parents, Michael and I received this note last night.

Just wanted to let you know that Kevin and I chose an outfit to wear to pictures of a nice blue buttonup dress shirt last night.  Then this morning he had put on the t-shirt with the monkey.  I reminded him about pictures and the outfit we had picked out the night before and he started crying.  I asked him what was wrong and he said that his Grandma and Grandpa had told him to wear this shirt (the monkey shirt) for pictures and he didn’t want them to get mad at him.  I told him they only wanted him to look nice, and they wouldn’t be mad at him, but he insisted that he had to wear the monkey shirt.  So Kevin wore the monkey shirt.  I thought about calling you (Ron and Marlene) however I wasnt’ sure you wanted me to call at 6:45 in the morning.  The monkey shirt looked fine, I just wanted you to know why that was the shirt that will be in the picture.



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