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Yule and plans for 2004

Dec 29, 2003 #ex, #fenris, #gaming, #son

Has it really been a whole month?

Is Christmas and Yule really over?


Yule Edition of Weyr Live
I designed it!

Speaking of designing. I need to design my new journal stuff for 2004. I need to find a new design and get started… I really liked this background design, but I think it is kinda nice to change it yearly…
and the time has come to begin the search….

I had a good Yule and a good Christmas. Things continue to improve with my boyfriend.. there were a few iffy moments, but the holidays have been great for us! We had a long long LONG talk at the beginning of December, and then we had family pictures made. Our new family

Looking forward to a wonderful Anime party for New Year’s Eve!! It won’t be the same without my old, dear friend, “W” as his were the best Anime parties there ever were, but I figure I will privately dedicate the night to him…. (Love ya and Miss ya W!!! )

On another note, I missed Heather’s birthday… Sorry Heather.. I didn’t realize your birthday was a yuletide one… I hope you had a good day!!! Belated wishes and happy thoughts!!

Allright. I’ve been putting it off…. Well, Gameing may be back in order if the lady invites me back. My SO and I will try to make it once a month…. there are a few other stipulations, though… But they all have been agreed upon.

This next month should be interesting… We will see what all will happen as expected.. and as unexpected. I had always said that my deadline was xmas.. new year… well, I have returned to that… but I strongly feel that all will be well…
Therefore, my next entry should not only be with a new design, it SHOULD also have some great or at least good news… ;)

Brightest Blessings and May you have an excellent 2004!!!


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