Things are much much better. On Tuesday afternoon, I got called in for an interview for Wednesday morning. After talking to some friends online, I decided a nice, relaxing bath was in order. (Thanks Colin).
I decided to go all out.

I gathered incense, candles, poured some amoretto (didn’t have any wine in the house), my atheme, and my Book of Shadows.… read more

I’ve been thinking about why I haven’t been doing rituals, lately. I may have stumbled upon a possible answer.
When I was Catholic, I only prayed for things I wanted or needed. When I started worshiping the Goddess, I’ve always had things to be grateful for. Although I still have many things to be grateful for, (my son, my husband, my home) I am needy.… read more

Douglas Adams, author of the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy Series
Dies at age 49.My Tribute

BBC Obituary and Article

So long, and thanks for all the books

Picture gallery: Hitchhiker’s Guide

Visit Douglas’s Page and Leave a Tribue

I am so totally a fan of HHGTTG. I cannot believe he is gone. We were just discussing him on one of my news groups… We were talking about the answer to life, the universe and everything…
I am so sad, now.… read more