An emailed conversation during my vacay. :)

From a daily report:
“Progress is a little bit slower than usual right now … Kris is on vacation until late next week, and James has been focusing all of his energy toward finishing the Advantage upgrade. Brandon’s taking on a boatload of projects, though, and we’ll keep you updated if/when due dates shift.”

“We are not lazy Kris is just not here to do all of our work!”

“I would never suggest that any of you are lazy.… read more

Quitting smoking, again.
DT is gone, the evil project manager from hell.
Washer and Drier replaced.
Hubby is switching to e-cigs.

Yeah, think I can do this! My son is thrilled!

Oh? DT gone? I didn’t mention that? Shame on me.
Yeah. He left back in August. It wasn’t “official” till much later and still prally shouldn’t say much… but, although he was a nice person (to me anyway, I saw a crueller side to him with another co-worker), he sucked as a programming project manager.… read more

Recently it was suggested that I cannot handle rejection. Well, we all have difficulties handling rejection, but I don’t feel I go out of my way to avoid it. If I did, wouldn’t I avoid friends all together?

It was intimated that I also am solely a people pleaser.  This I had to do some research on and what I found is that I like people to be happy.… read more