You might feel as if you are easily gliding along, skating right over a rather difficult situation. You must stay in motion, for as long as you have momentum, problems don’t fully affect you. It’s like your feet are just skimming over the surface, but as soon as you slow down, you sink into the intensity of an emotional drama. Listen to your common sense and keep more

Would like to send this to Tracy. Maybe get her head on straight until Michael finishes his schooling… 
Ah well, it’s good for me to think about too, cuz I’ve been rather stressed.

Now I just gotta figure out how to get a 6 year old to handle the stress… and maybe let loose some of the shit he went through this past week.… read more

Sorry ya’ll.
I’m fine.
Kevin’s fine (or I’d have heard otherwise)

I didn’t mean to freak so many people out.

I’m human.
I’m PMSing.
I’m a bitch.

But I’m not stupid nor in any danger. :)

I do wish to thank everyone for contacting me or attempting to contact me.
I’m taking some time for myself to sort through all this stuff.… read more