An Encounter With the Infinite

I couldn’t sleep so I decided to take a walk in the desert. There was a new moon that night, and I could see millions of stars in the sky. I was alone in the middle of the desert, perceiving so much beauty. I saw eternity, the endless, the infinite in those stars, and I knew without a doubt that the stars are more

Enjoying the Ride
The Flow of the Universe

The flow of the universe moves through everything. It’s in the rocks that form, get pounded into dust, and are blown away, the sprouting of a summer flower born from a seed planted in the spring, the growth cycle that every human being goes through, and the current that takes us down our life’s more

Thorik wrote a beautiful/magnificent letter to Aphrodite.
And Aphrodite slaps back saying she doesn’t believe Thorik wrote it!!


It was a beautiful, heartfelt, heart pouring letter and Aphrodite cannot accept that her ex-husband could write such a thing. She controlled him for so long, she cannot seem to realize that he is now standing on his own two feet and standing up for himself!!… read more