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Astrological basic basics

Oct 7, 2020

What is my Sun, Moon, and Rising sign?
Breaking Astrology Down

Your Sun is about yourself.

Your Moon is your heart.

Your rising is how you look.

Your Mercury is the way you think.

Your Venus is how you love.

Your Mars is how you deal with life.

Your Jupiter is your luck.

Your Saturn is how you discipline yourself and your responsibilities.

Your Uranus is how unique you are.

Your Neptune is your imagination.

Your Pluto is your transformation.

Your Chiron is how you heal.

Your Ceres is how you take care of yourself.

Your Pallas is your relationships.

Your Juno is beauty and influences.

Your Vesta is your potential and your organization.

Your North Node is how you develop in your current life.

Your South Node is how you developed in your past life.

Your Mid-heaven is your career, how others view you.

Your Lilith is your hidden emotions.


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