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    My experience with World Hijab Day

    #IStand4Hijab #WorldHijabDay Yes, I blogged this mostly on FB, but I’m going into more detail here. One thing I want and need to share is What to do if someone is harassed or attacked for their religious beliefs / garb Hopefully I won’t experience anything like that today, but, it’s still a good thing for everyone to know what to do. I took my son to school. It was still dark then. I told him as we were driving… “If I die today, you must become an activist and stop the hate and the fear.” I made him pinky swear. “Mom, I don’t think it works that way” “Well, let’s hope…

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    THIS is why we grieve today

    This has never been about politics. This is not about one candidate over the other. It’s not about one’s ideas over another’s. It is not blue vs. red. It’s not her emails vs. his bad language. It’s not her dishonesty vs. his indecency. It’s about overt racism and hostility toward minorities. It’s about religion being weaponized. It’s about crassness and vulgarity and disregard for women. It’s about a barricaded, militarized, bully nation. It’s about an unapologetic, open-faced ugliness. Full article here: http://johnpavlovitz.com/2016/11/09/heres-why-we-grieve-today/