Tracy’s email to me this morning:
I too was pretty proud of him.  I am trying to work as well with you as I can.
I will call when we get there.  yes it is just me and the kids.
No problem with the other weekends.

Michael graduates Nov 9 and we will be going up for the graduation.  I do not know for certain when he is comming back as his orders are until later in the month. read more

But this email pissed me off.

I had NO idea what Kevin’s teacher was talking about, and I strongly feel I should have known.

Kevin did pretty well today with the fidgit. He played in his
desk and we reminded him about it and it worked very well.
Having it attached to his belt loop was great.  Overall, he did
better. … read more

Blessed With A Purpose
Your Life’s Work

Many people are committed to professions and personal endeavors they never consciously planned to pursue. They attribute the shape of their lives to circumstance, taking on roles they feel are tolerable. Each of us, however, has been blessed with a purpose. Your life’s work is the assemblage of activities that allows you to express your intelligence and creativity, live in accordance with your values, and experience the profound joy of simply being more