Beyond Behavior
Defense Mechanisms

We all have defense mechanisms that we’ve developed over time, often without being aware of it. In times of trouble, the behaviors that have worked to get us past challenges with the least amount of pain are the ones that we repeat; even when part of us knows they no longer work. Such behavior is a natural response from our mental and physical more

Let Yourself Be Carried

The Flow of the Universe

The flow of the universe moves through everything. It is in the rocks that form, get pounded into dust, and are blown away. It is in the blossoming of a flower born from a seed planted in the spring. The growth cycle that every human being goes through is part of this natural flow, which is also the current that takes us down life’s more

Sleep is an interesting doorway. We go into another world, another

So where is this place? And why can’t we remember it? Dreams stay in
consciousness for only a few moments. Then they dissolve. But there is
a bigger experience there.

There is a mystical place in meditation much like sleep, a healing
place we can go to and not remember what happened.… read more

Relating To The Negative
The Danger Of Repression

For the last several years, there has been a lot of focus on the power of positive thinking. Many people have come to misinterpret this wisdom to mean that it is not okay to have a bad mood or a negative thought or feeling. This can lend a kind of superficiality to their relationship with life and relationships with other more